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A Bizarre Family I once knew... [message #43564] Fri, 11 February 2011 05:57 Go to next message
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When I was much younger, I had a former math professor who owned a Christmas tree farm in southern Ohio. He was way behind in his work with them, and asked me if I could spare an afternoon to go with him to help him out. It was in mid October we went. I believe I was to help him trim some trees and mark others. (We were not cutting trees that early). This was my first trip to his place and when we were almost there, he said, "Now I have to warn you about the "Jones" family. (They had a relatively common last name, but I don't want to use their actual names...and it is NOT Smith). He said the woman, especially was strange. Sure enough, we get to the property and the family all gather around the truck and this woman (I'll call her Mary) sticks her head about six inches from me, while I'm still sitting in the passenger side of the truck, and the first thing she says to me is "Guess how old I am." I'm thinking well...she looks 50, so I'll say 40 and that will make her happy (and hopefully go away). I say, "I guess 40". "Nope" she says, "I'm 29". Now visiting with these folks here is their story. "Bob" the dad is Half brother to "Mary". They had three kids. Bob Jr. was 12 at the time.He was the only member of the family who could read. He had stabbed the principal of his school with a pair of scissors, and was "running from the law". He went from one abandoned cabin to the next all over the place...his folks would put a can of beans on their porch, etc. He would come and take it and go back to wherever he was hiding out. On real cool nights, he's come to Bob and Mary's cabin to sleep, but if the sheriff came by, Bob Jr. would jump out the back window and skedaddle away. They had another boy named "Pete". Pete was five years old, and a chain smoker. I am not lying about this, I swear it's the truth. I watched him take a new smoke, put it in his mouth and fire it up using his smoldering butt, before tossing the cig on the floor and mashing it out with his heel. I watched him ride a tiny bicycle around the cabin. This bike had no air in its tires. Pete crashed the bike into a bed and the wood stove...crashed into a kitchen table, etc. I probably watched him smoke 3 or 4 cigarettes while we were in the family's company (less than an hour)Pete also had a German shepherd mix he called Richard...and when Pete tried to show me how he could pull the dog off the ground by it's ear, I said, "No...don't do that". Bob and Mary had one other newborn named...(I'll call him Winston...that's not his real name, but the baby's real name, like Winston was actually the name of a cigarette...Never heard this name used by a person before).
Mary asked us if we wanted some soup...I declined when I saw that she was keeping the soup in the kitchen cupboard with no refrigeration, next to where the fly paper full of dead flies was hanging...I'd be lying if I said, "I'm not judging"...I guess I am. Can't help but shake my head and wonder how anyone could live like that. Grateful that I wasn't brought up like that.
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was probably in pike county ohio got some winners living here

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I am a fire investigator for an insurance company and do most of my work in southern Ohio. Trust me I have seen some pretty bizarre things. One of the most memorable being this one family that had their TV antenna duct tapped to a twenty foot tree limb then duct taped to the side of their house. I still laugh just thinking about it but I guess duct tape fixes everything.
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