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seriously ....... [message #55430] Tue, 03 October 2017 21:43
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This is in regards to a communication I received 3 weeks ago about a boat I purchased 30 years ago that they are contending that the original title did not have the length of the boat listed.......

This is going to be fun and VERY EXPENSIVE to you Mr and MRS taxpayer........

Hi Jacqueline

I was recently sent a letter of contention in regards to a small boat I purchased in the 1980's, that I have dutifully applied every three years for my registration and received it without issue UNTIL NOW.

About a month ago I received a letter saying that there was no length on the title and that I had to do a title search which you completed. Thank You very much for spending my two dollars wisely.

I received your ODNR letterhead reply that your title search pulled up the previous owner, no known address, was found. (including postage by the way and I am sure your hard earned time that I pay for with my tax dollars, my registration fees and my hunting licenses I purchase every year)

Please keep in mind this is all because there was no length put on the original title from 1967 !!!!!

You replied with all of the information that I am assuming you found on the title on file..

, that the boat serial number was of such and description etc was included as well as the serial number

It also showed the previous owners name and that the address was unknown.

So this is what you sent me, and I as a tax payer have paid for in my tax dollars and was charged an additional two dollars for you to look up.

The reply said that this does not authorize me to get a title and was only informational.

So these are the facts stated......

My question is this .... what the HELL do I do now,,,,, I have owned this boat for over 30 years and NOW this comes up,,,,is there nothing better to do at ODNR than research 30 year old transactions ???

I have two witnesses to the transaction still alive, as I am assuming since you do not have a current address of the owner from over 30 years ago if you know he is even alive or not.

How do I get the title for this boat put in my name and a physical piece of paper from a transaction from over 30 years ago ( please keep mind I have LIVING witnesses to the transaction) placed in my name so we can put this cost excessive issue to rest ?

Your reply is VERY MUCH looked forward to.

Michael A. Leslie
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