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Now is the time to get them ready!! [message #11980] Fri, 23 June 2006 11:08
Summer is the perfect time to start getting the kids ready. Start watching hunting dvds together. Go over all of the little things that matter when watching them. "See how the guy is spraying down to be scent free", "Watch how still they are when the ducks are coming in" ,"See how the guy passed up the shot and waited until the sure shot was there" If you are into to calling (deer,ducks,geese) Get the calls out and try to mimick what they are doing. Get some calling tapes and practise, get some buddies together and have them help you guys out. Start getting them excited about the coming season! My boy got his bow out the other day and started shooting it. Make sure that your childs gear is going to still fit. Buying what ya need, just alittle at time now will make it easy on your pocket. Do what ever you can to be sure they are nice and warm and dry. Check the waders for leaks, reapply waterproofing to their clothes. Make sure those boots are gonna still fit with those extra socks on. Bushy tails season is right around the corner. Get your guns out and throw a few rounds, if his or hers weapon is not camo. Make a weekend project of it and paint it camo. If your into making your own deeks, let them help out or even make there own. Getting all the "little" things started now will go a long way on how much fun they can have later. If you don't have kids,ask around and see if anyone has a child that would like to give it a try. Nothing beats watching a kids face light up when he gets to hang out and be one of the guys. When they get to bag something and have fun doing it, its just an added bonus lol BC
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